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You will need to view one of the preapproved motion pictures listed below. After viewing the movie you are to

You will need to view one of the pre-approved motion pictures listed below. After viewing the movie, you are to write a 2-3 page paper critiquing the movie based on what you’ve learned about perception in Chapter 3. This analysis paper is not a plot summary of the movie, nor a discussion of your opinions about the movie.
Your goal should be an academic evaluation of the movie in which you make connections to concepts and theories discussed in Chapter 3. Your paper should include the following:
2-3 full pages (double-spaced) with an introduction, body, and conclusion
Follow MLA formatting
Discuss (3) concepts or principles, define them clearly, and apply them to the movie. For each concept, there should be a full paragraph defining and explaining what that concept means; then make a connection to the movie in the next paragraph.
Be sure to cite your sources and include a works cited page using MLA formatting.
Font should be 12 pt Times New Roman or Calibri

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