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Each student will be required to produce a 15-20 page

  • Each student will be required to produce a 15-20 page (double-spaced) final paper connecting to the theoretical and/or methodological interests of the course. As an example of this project, reflect on some of the business examples and business issues presented in the class. Is there a business that requires a transformation in its system technology and design? Is there a way to make the business more efficient and perhaps safe using business information systems such as CRM, security or even producing a cyber hacking policy? Please use the course text and lecture materials as your guide. I have intentionally left considerable room for choice here, and ALL students are strongly encouraged to consult with me as early as possible in developing a topic.
  • See also Syllabus for more detail on this assignment

This assignment is a draft version of your final proposal.

Requirements for this assignment include:

  1. Minimum 500 words
  2. Title Page 
  3. Paper Body – This should contain some detail related to all main points that you will present in the final paper.  The major difference between this Draft and your Final paper will be this section will be flushed out and completed in the Final paper.
  4. Introduction
  5. Conclusion
  6. Reference Page

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