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Instructions listed below. Be sure to follow every step and

Instructions listed below. Be sure to follow every step and use the template attached or you may use your own template. 

The topic selected is: Mental Health Facility and/or Addiction Treatment Center, role: director-level position 

With this topic, the role is a director-level position 


APA 7th Edition

APA Formatted Cover Page

Include Your Completed SWOT Analysis with your brief report on the tool.

APA Formatted Reference Page: Include at least 1 APA reference with correlating in-text citation for the report portion of this task.  


  Assignment Overview: SWOT Analysis 

Complete a SWOT Analysis template using one of the templates provided in the Course’s Tool kit located under the Week 2 Supporting Tools. Provide a brief report on the importance of a SWOT Analysis as part of the planning process. The first requirement of this task is complete SWOT Analysis. Fill in each quadrant of the SWOT Analysis by identifying two to three items for each quadrant: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Write a 1-2 paragraph essay on the importance of a SWOT analysis as part of the planning process.  (Please note that you may use your own template, but all quadrants must be completed with at least two to three items being presented in each category for your selected scenario.) 

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