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Assignment Content Select a health care facility or service (e.g., hospital, physician

Select a health care facility or service (e.g., hospital, physician practice, long-term care facility, ambulance service, pharmacy, or skilled nursing facility)

Select a culture, religion or ethnicity that requires specific health care accommodations.

In this scenario, you are administrators at a hospital that has seen an increase in the number of patients coming in for treatment that requires specific health care accommodations. As a result, hospital staff have repeatedly asked for more training to know how to more effectively interact with these patients.

Create a 3- to 5-minute training voiceover powerpoint (about 10-12 slides not counting title slide and reference slides) to assist hospital staff with how best to interact with these patients. Cover the following in your powerpoint:

  • Review any policies that inform on this population
  • Cite any previous cases regarding the interaction between the health care industry and the culture, religion or ethnicity
  • Review best practices typical for an organization that you selected.
  • Identify internal resources that would be available at the organization you selected.
  • Identify organizations that can assist with the population you selected.
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