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Capstone Final Project – Premium Paper Help


Capstone Project Required Content Overview


The first section of the paper is the Introduction (1–2 paragraphs). You will need to create an introduction for the paper that explains what the paper will be about. Y

The second section of the paper is entitled Problem Statement (1­–2 pages).

The third section of the paper is the Literature Review (4–6 pages).

The fourth section of the paper is Causes and Effects (2–3 pages).

The fifth section of the paper is Problem Solution (2–3 pages).

The final section is a Conclusion (1 page). You will need to write a conclusion summarizing the Capstone Project and bringing the paper to a close.

You will need to bridge the sections with transition statements so that the paper reads as a whole and not several separate papers. Review your citations for correct APA format throughout.

When completing your final project, be sure to use section headings for each required part: Introduction, Problem Statement, Literature Review, Causes and Effects, Problem Solution, Conclusion, and References. All papers need to have a title page. A running head is optional. Correct APA format is required throughout and for the References page.

If you have received feedback for APA or academic writing issues on assignments, be sure to work with the Writing Center. Seek an appointment with an editor for a paper review ( or use other resources such as Grammarly and the many written resources and videos on APA format to help in this area.


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