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Select a current issue for which you can find background

Select a current issue for which you can find background material. Become familiar with the issue and build a budget request that provides a solution to the issue. If a solution is already publicly available, work through the data so that you can re-create the budget request.(a)    Prepare no more than two PowerPoint slides to address the issue and the proposed solution. You have a well-formatted slide when you can print it full-size, place it on the ground, take two steps back, and read all the material on the slide.(b)    Prepare a verbal briefing of no more than 10 minutes that reviews the background of the issue, identifies why it must be addressed, describes what your proposal will do to address the issue, and gives the amount of your budget request.(c)    Prepare a one-page summary, with 1-inch margins and 12-point font, that provides the highlights of your issue and proposal. This may be the only document a legislator reads on your issue and request.(d)    Prepare a more thorough frequently asked questions (FAQ) document that could be used by the department director giving the briefing, a legislator hearing the information, or you as you give the briefing to answer questions that require a little more explaining.