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Table 3 (1 person): including step A, B, C Make


  Table 3 (1 person): including step A, B, C 

  1. Make PV diagrams (logarithms) for each of the data sets
  2. Determine the adiabatic constant γ: including calculations and/or explanations on how you determine the constant
  3. Identify the gas: including the data you use. 
  4. Simple research on the gas: description/application… 
  5. Please cite the sources and highlight your in-text citation with different colors: 

— you don’t need to use any format, just simply list the author and date, and add a link; 

— using the sources that can be found on Google Scholar or having BibTeX already. Otherwise, its citation is unable to be shown on the Overleaf project (if you know how to cite arbitrary websites using Overleaf, you can use the sources from those websites!)

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