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The important part of the “writing” process is what composition


The important part of the “writing” process is what composition teachers call “prewriting”, which is to say, all the things you’re supposed to do before you fire up the word processor and start the writing part of “writing” a paper. Done right, the prewriting takes up about 90% of your effort, and results in a much, much better paper compared to writing without prewriting.

This module describes step-by-step the thinking process for a logic topic. and asks you to take all of your thinking and put it together into a payload package..that you will be ready to talk about in our zoom session

  1. Pick a topic, from (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
  2. Figure out the fundamental question
  3. Figure out which side has the burden of proof
  4. Find that side’s best argument, and describe that (“for”) argument .
  5. Find and describe the other side’s best (“against”) argument(s)
  6. Work out which of these two arguments is the weakest.
  7. Explain what is specifically wrong with that weakest argument.

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