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350 words minimum Please, underline the Thesis Statement Introduction: We

350 words minimum

Please, underline the Thesis Statement

Introduction: We are going to develop a draft of our Introduction and Thesis statement based on our Stakeholders, Issue, and Faultine. You will complete a 350 word response to a series of questions regarding your chosen Issue, Faultline, and Stakeholders to develop your draft.


Step 1: Pull the Topic and Faultline from Project 2. Decide on two (2) competing Stakeholders and an Issue that you wish to explore based on this Topic and Faultline. This will be the focus for developing your thesis for Project 3 and the rest of the term. The Faultline must be a City, County, or District in California where you are able to find many Issues and Stakeholders relating to the Topic.

Step 2: Comprise a list of two to three problems relating to the Topic and Faultline that you have chosen for Step 1.

Step 3: Based on the first two steps, choose a community that you wish to focus your research around and who you wish to communicate to in your writing. This community should have an Interest in the outcome of one of the problems you have chosen.

Step 4: Your Issue for Project 3, 4, and 5 will be based on the thesis statement that you compose in Project 3. It should include the results of Steps 1-3 and should argue a point supporting on the the competing Stakeholders.

Step 5: Use the Introduction assignment and the Thesis assignment from Project 1 to assist with developing an Introduction with a Thesis statement at the end of the paragraph. Use steps 1-4 and the Introduction and Thesis templates to assist.

350 words minimum

Please, underline the Thesis Statement

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