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Chicago style, on book “War by Other Means” only 1

Chicago style, on book “War by Other Means”

only 1 prompt: 

1.    Assuming both authors are correct that: a) the United States of America underutilizes its tools of geoeconomics; and b) threat inflation harms America’s national security, how should the United States adjust or correct its foreign policy to incorporate these two perspectives?  How would America’s geoeconomics and altered threat perceptions shift the policies the United States chooses to pursue and its course of action in the world?  Be sure to engage the primary assumptions of the authors’ arguments as well as the overall implications if they are both correct.

2.    Why has the United States underutilized geoeconomic tools according to Blackwill and Harris and why has threat inflation harmed American national security in Cohen and Zenko’s estimation?  How has this failure to use geoeconomic tools and the problem of threat inflation impacted America’s national security and national interests?  Do you agree with the assessments of the two sets of authors?  Why or why not?  In your answer, identify both the causes of and the impacts of the failure to geoeconomic tools adequately and the rationale of threat inflation and its effects.  

3.    Should the United States prioritize the use of geoeconomic tools (Blackwill and Harris) and reorient its foreign policy away from threat inflation (Cohen and Zenko)?  Why or why not?  In your answer, address both the costs and the benefits of geoeconomic tools and the issues with threat inflation?  Are there viable alternatives to these two sets of suggestions?  Are there different approaches to the address the challenges the United States faces to its national security?  Be specific in your response. 

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