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Faced with the need to deliver risk ratings for your

   Faced with the need to deliver risk ratings for your organization, you will  have to substitute the organization’s risk preferences for your own.  For, indeed, it is the organization’s risk tolerance that the assessment  is trying to achieve, not each assessor’s personal risk preferences.

  1. What is the risk posture for each particular system as it contributes to the overall risk posture of the organization? 
  2. How  does each attack surface – its protections if any, in the presence (or  absence) of active threat agents and their capabilities, methods, and  goals through each situation—add up to a system’s particular risk  posture? 
  3. In addition, how do all the systems’ risks sum up to an organization’s computer security risk posture? 

Answer the questions in an APA-formatted paper (Title page, body and  references only) with in-text citations.  Response should have a minimum of 600 words. A minimum of two references are required. Please see attached reference textbook.

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