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Now that you have studied some of the major muscles

Now that you have studied some of the major muscles of the human body, and the movements they produce, you are going to complete page 8 of the Muscular System Lab. On this page, you are asked to write descriptions of movements at specific joints. To do this please follow the instructions below:

  1. Use the descriptions you created previously for movements at the joint in the skeletal system lab. 
  2. Add the names of the muscles that produce the movements described to your previously written statements
    1. Remember muscles work in groups, more than one muscle should be named. 
  3. The statement should include three sentences, written in a specific sequence to describe the way it occurs in the body.  In the body, muscles contract, this causes them to pull on the bones, and movement occurs at the articulation points between the bones.  Your statement should follow this sequence: 
    1. First, indicate the names of the group of muscles that contract to pull the bones.
    2. Second, indicate the specific direction the bones are pulled when the muscles contract
    3. Third, indicate what happens at the specific articulation points at the joint when the bones move.
  4. These statements will be used in your final “Movement Summary” at the end of the semester where you will be adding the nerves that stimulate the muscles you have named.  
  5. Assistance will be provided in Lab on Thursday
  6. Here is a recorded lesson to see the movements at the articulation points. Movement at the Joints (Links to an external site.)
  7. See the example below to help guide you as you complete these statements 


Flex the hipTo flex the hip, iliopsoas, Iliacus and psoas major contract.  When these muscles contract, the femur is pulled anterior and up, and the head of the femur will roll backward in the acetabulum of the os coxae to bring the hip into the flexed position.

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