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Q1: How has anti-asian violence changed for back then and

Q1:  How has anti-asian violence changed for back then and now?

Back then in the 1800’s anti-asian violence was huge, they posed a threat to white people, latinos, and anglos. Why was that? Thousands of Asians have been beaten, racialized and pushed around because posing threat in Los Angeles. But now up to the present many deaths have occurred and the ones that have been targeted the m, lost are asian women. In the beginning of the pandemic 3 asian women were killed and it occurred where supposedly a man was trying to get rid of his sex addiction by killing Asian women but wasn’t because of that it was his hatred he has towards asian women. So, why is that Asian women are being targeted now.

Q2: Why do some street vendors sometimes not get along with black people?

As sometimes you may see on the news street vendors have been getting resulted recently. Many street vendors appear to have this problem with black people not paying for their food or just messing with them. Sometimes they even run off with the street vendors’ money after they have brutally beat them. Why is that? Why would they hurt such innocent people trying to make a living. Trying to feed their families everyday just to get assaulted by people like that. The real question is why and what do you gain from it you’re just going to end up on the news. Possible even arrested if you are caught. Just think about this and think why would they do this?

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