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this assignment is due in 8 hours and there is

this assignment is due in 8 hours and there is no extended time

You will read an ebook (Mollie is Three) online which I will provide the login details for

You will read tabs 18-31 

You will then answer the following: 

1. What skills in this developmental domain are emerging and
developing in Mollie?

2. How is Mollie developing a sense of self and connection in the
classroom?  Describe the emerging patterns and development of her
prosocial behavior (working cooperatively with others)

3. Describe how the role fantasy and dramatic play experiences
contribute to Mollie’s development.  What themes are being played
out?  What is the developmental motivation behind this play? 

 Minimum 2 complete paragraphs for each prompt/complete thoughts
for each prompt
*Use examples to support 

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