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Learning Objectives and Outcomes Explain intellectual property rights as applied


Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Explain intellectual property rights as applied to a      scenario.
  • Describe violation of copyright privileges as applied to a scenario.

Tasks Requirements


You are the original composer and performing artist of a hot, new pop song. Your music director, Christine, has praised you on your composition and she feels that your song is going to generate significant revenue. You are enthusiastic and talk to your sales manager, Robin, about the projected income.

To your surprise, you learn that your composition has been illegally distributed among a large audience of music lovers and that the expected revenue projections seem to be unachievable. You try to figure out the reasons for the illegal distribution. Robin tells you about peer-to-peer (P2P) networks and how P2P—a social networking tool—is popular for sharing digital music.

With the consent of your entire team, you decide to have a press conference. Robin asks you to emphasize the following points to help your case:

  • Violation of your copyright privileges, and how you      feel knowing that thousands of users are simply copying and sharing your      composition, for which they might have paid for otherwise
  • Enabling your case as a consideration in the purview of      “fair use” under the law
  • Your feeling about the reduction in your expected      income from your creative efforts that you will face due to the unethical      and illegal file sharing technology

For this assignment:

  1. To further get everything on record, write a summary      report that includes the following:
  • A description of the points you made in the press      conference
  • A description of the specific intellectual property      laws that were violated in your case 
  • Proposed remedies the law(s) provides for the listed violations

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