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*Unit 2 DB: Deming’s 14 Point Philosophy (BUS211_34_Baldrige Principles &


*Unit 2 DB: Deming’s 14 Point Philosophy (BUS211_34_Baldrige Principles & Introduction to Quality Standards)

After reviewing Demings 14 Point-Philosophy, discuss which one you believe is most important for an organization to implement and why.

*Unit 2 DB: Supply and Demand (ECO201 Macroeconomics)

This discussion board addresses the interaction among price, demand, and supply in how global markets work. H&M Brand and others face a backlash from China, a major cotton supplier after expressed concern over the alleged use of forced labor in cotton production.

Review the following article:

Please address in a presentation format with an accompanying graph of how the market for H&M Company cotton clothing is impacted by this change in supply. Only 5.2% of H&M sales are in China. It is most important to explain the underlying reasons, the impact of cost, price, and supply and demand changes if any. Your focus is on the market for H&M clothing.

Include an accompanying graph for each of the three situations showing demand, price, and supply before and after the change effected by China. 

1. China tells H&M that it will not be able to make a profit on sales into China if they don’t buy all their cotton from the Xinjaing Region.

2. South Carolina, an alternative source of cotton, has a bumper crop of cotton that exceeds the supply from Xinjaing but is much more expensive.

3. A synthetic material is developed that is identical to cotton in every way except that the cost is considerably less.

Each original post should include an explanation for each with three diagrams to emphasize the impact on the market for H&M apparel. Your graph should show three variables at two points in time, before and after the action by China.

NOTE: Diagrams can be created using an Office product such as Word or Excel or PowerPoint or some other product of the student’s choice, or drawn by hand and submitted as an image and attached to your discussion board submission. 

*Unit 2 DB: State Regulation vs. Federal Regulation (FIN401_30_Insurance & Risk Management)

After the financial crisis of 2008, many states began to review their regulatory framework with respect to domestic and foreign insurance companies that operate within each state’s border. The main goal of this review was to ensure proper oversight of insurers to prevent a catastrophic liquidity crisis in the overall insurance marketplace. Review the videos discussing the attempts at regulating the financial sector after the credit crisis of 2008. Then think about the main objectives of states for regulating the insurance industry. 

Discuss the impact of state regulation on the insurance marketplace. Describe any similarities with the attempts by the federal government to regulate the financial sector after the 2008 financial crisis. Defend whether states should continue to be the primary regulators of insurance or if such regulation should be a federal matter.  

In response to at least three of your peers, address whether you agree with the conclusions of your peers or not. Ask probing questions that are specific to each post that you respond to. 

*DB2.1: Security Personnel vs Police (CRJ104_30_Introduction to Security)

How does the level of training and regulation for security personnel compare with that of the police?

*DB2.2: Federal Regulations (CRJ104_30_Introduction to Security)

What impact have federal regulations, rules and guidelines had on private business in the United States?

*Chapter 11 Discussion (BUS2113 Principles of Accounting)

1.) Liabilities are obligations that a business owes and are categorized. They are due within a years time.

2.) Current liabilities are a company’s short term financial obligations that are due within one year or within a normal operating cycle. Accounts includes accounts payable, short-term debt, dividends, and notes payable and taxes owed.

3.) Contingent liabilities are recorded as an expense on the income statement and a liability on the balance sheet. 

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