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Each student must report on a different book or journal

Each student must report on a different book or journal article. The student must read the entire book or journal article and submit a three-page summary and critique of the book or journal article following specified guidelines. Would you recommend this text for future classes? APA format and college-level writing is required. 

Introduction include:

  • author & title
  • author’s main point
  • overall evalation 
  • background information

abstract summary is an objective statement

  • author’s main point
  • main support
  • unbiased language (write in 3rd person)
  • author’s thesis statement

Evaluation criteria

  • accuracy of content
  • presence or lack of key terms or definitions
  • hidden assumptions (lack transparency)
  • clarity of language
  • fairness
  • logic & organization
  • common fallacies such as name calling, over simplification, either/or statements and banwagon


  • agree or disagree
  • what does the author get right or wrong
  • ultimate merit
  • would you recommend this text/journal article as credible? why or why not (include outside souces to support)


  • overall importance of the topic
  • combine rating(evaluation) with personal response to focus on overall strengths and weaknesses
  • ultimate success of this  work

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