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Choose any Grade Kindergarten – 3rd In this assignment, you

Choose any Grade Kindergarten – 3rd  

In this assignment, you will choose an academic subject on which you will begin building your lesson plan for any grade Level Kindergarten – 3rd Grades. There are several open source textbooks that you may utilize to build your lesson plan. Using your favorite search engine, search for “K-12 open source textbooks.” 

a) Please list the following information: 

b) academic subject, 

c) unit name, 

d) summary of the unit’s content, 

e) unit objectives, 

f) description (in the Materials and Resources section) of the forms of technology that you are considering using in your unit lesson plan and how the technology will improve learners’ success, and description (in the Assignments and Activities section) of learning activities and assignments that you would like to use in your unit that will address your learners’ unique learning styles and intelligences and help them achieve the unit objectives. 

Remember to use some form of technology as you generate your unit lesson plan. This assignment will give you the opportunity to consider various forms of technology and weigh their pros and cons. Your document should be at least one page in length. Proper APA formatting is not required for this assignment. However, if any outside sources are used, please be sure to give the author of the material proper credit.

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