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Framework of Security analysis Company: Tesla Pages: 10 Stock Valuation:


Framework of Security analysis 

Company: Tesla

Pages: 10 

Stock Valuation: Calculating the fair current value (Intrinsic Value) of the stock. In theory, fair value (also called intrinsic value) is what the stock price should be given the market is free from errors. It can be calculated in various ways, depending on what model you use. Commonly used models are P/E multiples, Dividend discount models, and Free Cash Flow models. This analysis needs the help of analytical tools like Excel. Some reports also project expected stock price in one year. (35%)

 Risk: It is the uncertainty of future stock performance and the business of the company. 

 Bulls vs. Bears: There are always bull and bear views for any stock. That is why at any price, there are buying and selling orders—the two side of the same coin of a transaction. Try to see the arguments for two sides. 

II. Investing strategy: this is your action plan as an investor. Your strategy choices include buy, sell, hold, wait, avoid, short, etc… 

III. Notes: A timely records of analysis of important events of the company and its stock

IV. Reference: Any resource your analysis borrows from.

* View attached file as an example.

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