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FRAUD CASEBOOK NetWare Read the following article or other related



Read the following article or other related articles regarding the NetWare case and then answer the questions below:  


Byron Acohido, “Meet A-Z: The computer hacker behind a cybercrime wave,” USA TODAY, August 5, 2008.  

Short Answer Questions 

1. From what country is A-Z believed to live?  

2. From what country(ies) is(are) his accomplices?  

3. From what country(ies) is(are) A-Z’s victims?  

4. What is the name of the software program that tracks a PC user’s keystroke activity and alerts the cyber-gang each time the PC user logs into their bank account?  

5. How much money did the A-Z scheme net in total?  

6. Where was the computer server holding key instructions discovered?  

Discussion Questions 

1. Why is a threat such as the one allegedly perpetrated by A-Z so difficult to investigate and prosecute?  

2. What are the means by which cybercriminals meet and agree to participate in such an activity?  

3. Can society expect more or fewer crimes similar to that allegedly perpetrated by A-Z? Why? 

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