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Business is such a broad major and allows those who


Business is such a broad major and allows those who move into the industry much variety. This can often leave to paralysis when looking for entry level jobs. However, if you have a robust network and have learned more about some key jobs in your field it can guide your next steps.

You will need to conduct 3 informational interviews. These can be with professors or with a family member you can reach out to those to ask for connections. Make sure you follow the procedure on how to ask for an interformational interview (see below in the resources) and please thank them for their time. You will then write a half page on the details of the interview and turn that in via canvas. 

  1. Research Information Interviews (see above) Read the textbook pgs. 44-48. Follow the guidelines set on informational interviews.
  2. Conduct all 3 interviews before the due date
  3. Write a half page overview for each informational interview (at least 250 words per interview) including the following information:
    1. Who did you meet, how did you learn of them, and what is their job title and employer?
    2. How did you feel the informational interview went? And what did you learn?
    3. How might you connect with them in the future? to an external site. 

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