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First one In recent years, many firms use algorithms to

 First one

In  recent years, many firms use algorithms to help make management group’s  decisions and optimize operation processes and supply chains. When such  algorithms produce unexpected outcomes, bias concerns may arise. Thus,  removing these kinds of bias from the data is so critical in data-driven  business. Based on this case anlaysis, please elaborate on the  questions below.

Q1) Please address the concept of ‘algorithmic bias’ in a marketing context. What is the reason behind the bias in this case?

Q2)  How might a firm acquire capability to analyze situations and detect  whether algorithmic bias occurs and how it can be mitigated?

Q3)  Algorithmic bias can occur even when demographic data is not used as a  variable by the algorithm. What would you play a role as an information  sysem manager if a bias was brough to your attention?

Second One:


The  role of the database and data administrator have evolved over  time. They continue to evolve in light of new technologies such as  blockchain, IoT, and security-based solutions. What do you believe the  future job description will look like for a database engineer in 5-10  years from now? 

Please create your OWN job description. Do not copy that of others.

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