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General instructions: Below you will find 3 folders. One for

 General instructions: 

  1. Below you will find 3 folders. One for Billie, one for Charles and one for Sterling.  In each one you will get information about a young person. The information will include a case study worksheet, Daily Food Log and an Intake vs Goals Diet & Wellness report from MindTap’s D&W,  lifestyle choices, and  family history. All of this information is relevant and should be considered in your answers.
  2. Make sure you answer all questions thoroughly. This is your chance to show off all that you have learned this semester and put it in one place. That means that your answers should reflect concepts addressed during the course. Please use textbook information and avoid internet sources.  All answers should specifically relate back to the textbook.
  3. For each of your case studies , reference the chapter sections and tables used in your answers.

4. Inside this folder, you will find 3 subfolders – one for each scenario. Make sure you complete all  3 case studies. 

5. When you are ready to submit, click on the link at the bottom to upload all your documents,

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