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Identity Chipotle’s controversies (like the year of 2013, e coli,

Identity Chipotle’s controversies (like the year of 2013, e coli, etc.) and its growth history how did they pick themselves back up? 

Based on TOWS – and then create the hook, build the agenda, build the case, and call to action from these recommendations.
Some possible recommendations that can be worked on, explain further on each point on what to do for Chipotle, and what other recommendations do have for the company. 

  1. Seasonal food items that are rotated in and out.  This would match a successful marketing plan like McD’s does with the McRib.  The items we thought out quickly were Mexican pizza because everyone lost their mind when Taco Bell was discontinued, but Chipotle could make a healthier version.  The other was Tortilla Soup, this is a good wintertime treat and Qdoba offers gumbo while Chipotle does not offer any soups.
  2. Creating regional campaigns spotlighting the local farmers from different regions.  This proves to locals that Chipotle is supporting local farmers and is being transparent about where these items are produced.  This can also show how Chipotle is adding to sustainability efforts by transporting products a shorter distance.
  3. Marketing ideas using social media.  We have discussed how one of the target markets for Chipotle is Millennials, who love social media.  These media ads can incorporate factors from our first two recommendations. What type of Marketing is required

Roughly 5-8 pages

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