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Read attached Arbitration: City of Altus on the English-Only Rule


Read attached  Arbitration: City of Altus on the English-Only Rule Case 

And Answer the following questions:


Time to decide

Based upon the evidence you have been given, you are to conduct any research you need to better understand the laws in question, and make a decision determining:

1) Is the policy in violation of the US Civil Rights Acts, which states that discrimination because of race/ethnicity and national origin is illegal? Explain why or why not?

2) How would you rule, if you did find the policy, and thus the City of Altus, discriminatory? 

3) What changes, if any, would you recommend so that the City’s policy was still reaching the same objectives it desired (trying to prevent accidents with heavy machinery, trying to make others not feel like they are being talked about and persecuted in another language) but seemed less discriminatory? Explain. 

Submission Instructions:

  • Answer the questions at the end of the case.
  • Please clearly number your responses to each question.
  • Follow current APA format for citations and reference page, if used.
  • Submit your completed work through Canvas by 9:00 PM ET Sunday.

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