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3070 Teacher Interview APA Template (Word Doc) Actions Taskstream Part


3070 Teacher Interview APA Template (Word Doc)


Taskstream Part 1. Interview with Teacher

Conduct a detailed interview either with a general or a special education teacher about how she/he works with parents to support student learning for students with disabilities.


  • Conduct an interview with a teacher (special education or general education) based on the topics covered in this course; be sure to address the following questions. The answers should have follow up questions if needed and those follow up questions should be noted. :
  • How do teachers collaborate with the speech therapists, occupational therapists, counselors and other service providers that work with students with disabilities
  • What are some helpful tips on how to work with parents of students with disabilities
  • How do general and special education teachers work together to facilitate the success of students with disabilities
  • How do teachers advocate for students with disabilities(e.g.: how do they make sure students with disabilities are not discriminated against based on their disability status)
  • How are accommodations applied in the classroom
  • How do teachers identify students that need RtI/Multi-tiered supports
  • How do teachers monitor and assess the RtI process in the classroom
  • What are the responsibilities of teachers when it comes to providing Level 2 and Level 3 supports for students as part of RtI
  • What resources do teachers use to plan using differentiated instruction and to best address the varying levels of support required by each student
  • What specific supports teachers need when working with students with disabilities
  • Download the attached document titled: 3070 Teacher Interview APA Template, and follow the format outlined to document your interview

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