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Submit a paper that is a review of the literature

Submit a paper that is a review of the literature of academic/scholarly and professional knowledge/articles that are relevant to the specific topic selected (within the broader context of factors affecting passing along/sharing viral video advertising).

  • An introduction that defines viral advertising; presentation of your specific topic for investigation; a justification for studying this topic–why it is important to research it; what are the possible implications for marketers/advertisers/brands/communicators
  • The literature review (better to divide it into subheads)
  • Conclude your literature review with possible directions for future research in your selected topic.
  • APA style should be used throughout the proposal (in-text citations) and the reference list.
  • Use sources from assignment 2 
  • I will attach a template and sources and assignment 2 for reference 

double spaced 12 pts., Length: 10 pages  (excluding reference list). Format your paper (in text citations, reference list, title and subheads) in APA style.

When writing your literature review, always keep in mind the specific topic you selected to explore/investigate (see your paper of Assignment II for a refined version of your selected topic). Make sure you review literature/research that is relevant to the topic and helps explaining and developing it.

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