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you will write 4-5  double-spaced pages about the documentary, Black Wall Street. Please adhere to the following guidelines. Editing your working is required, please check spelling, format, and grammar prior to submitting. In addition, you must use citations when relevant. Anything that does not originate with you, must be cited. You may use headings for each bullet point. Your grades will reflect your effort. Please elaborate and include details.

Provide a summary of the movie. (2 pages)
•    Plot, theme, or movie perspective. Why this movie was made. (5)
•    The setting. Where the event took place (5)
•    Time period – make sure to expand and elaborate on this (5)
•    Social climate in the United States – should include copious details (5)
must also include answers to these question in it
•    Events leading up to the climax. What happened? Why? Who? (10)
•    Why is this event relevant to African American success today? (5)
•    Why was it called Black Wall Street? (5)
•    Why was this allowed to happen in the United States? (5)

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