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The Evolution of Disease You will create a timeline of

The Evolution of Disease

You will create a timeline of the world’s disease and vaccination evolution for this assignment. For example, you may start with the Spanish Flu, which begins around 1918. Then, list each disease, the onset of the disease, where the disease originated, and death. For vaccines, list who developed the vaccine, by-products used to create the vaccine, how it was administered to the public, and whether it is still used today.

Be creative, including images and graphics if possible. Your timeline should be well-organized and well designed. You may use any software you choose to complete the assignment. However, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the assignment file is accessible.

Any file not accessible will receive a grade of zero, with no exceptions. No Late Submissions will be accepted.

Examples of TImelines 

The Evolution of Disease Assignment .docx 

Timeline Rubric 

TimelineRubric (1).docx 

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