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Individual Assignment Starting from your group project idea, prepare an


Individual Assignment 

Starting from your group project idea, prepare an executive 5 slides pitch presentation of how you could evolve the idea and take it further for the brand.

The brand petit pli of children’s wear


• Choose a partnership brand to build on the idea (not fashion, luxury or hospitality) 

• Develop a strategy and plan of how to bring this evolved idea to life based on a budget of 30K (smart thinking / what channel / give ballpark figures) 

• Articulate the launch plan focus on one city, make it digital, and demonstrate an understanding and choice of communication channels (ie. Social media/experiential etc.) 

• Bring to life what the communication execution would be (visual references / creative look and feel / moodboard) 


• Slides – Flow of presentation/Engaging format/Clarity and capacity to captivate the audience 

• Creative thinking (innovative, power of analysis) 

• Market understanding (Relevant to market and needs) 

• Routed in consumer need insight (shows a good understand and link to audience)

• Brand fit (Relevant to brand mission / DNA) 

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