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Extra Credit Assignment: Making Connections Project Worth up to 10


Extra Credit Assignment: Making Connections Project

Worth up to 10 points toward final grade—Due Sunday, April 24th, 2022

During this semester, we have covered physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development from adolescence through end of life. For this extra credit assignment, you are asked to develop a creative project that demonstrates the connections between development in adolescence and development in at least two other periods of the life span. What the project looks like is up to you—but it should address the following points:

· How does development (physical, cognitive, social, or emotional) during adolescence informs, shapes, or contributes to how adults develop and function during later periods of life? Provide evidence from the textbook along with examples.

· What micro, meso, or macro level environmental factors influence development the most during adolescence? Are these environmental factors also important for the development of individuals during later periods of life? In what ways?

· How does adolescence differ from later periods of life? How would an older adult describe the adolescents of today?

· Imagine if you had a time machine that you could use to travel back and forth in time. As an adolescent, what would you tell your middle adulthood self? Your late adulthood self? As an individual in late adulthood approaching end of life, what would you tell your early adulthood self? Your adolescent self? 

This project is open in its form; however, you are required to obtain written approval from me prior to completing your project. Project proposals should be submitted via Blackboard no later than Sunday, April 17th. Although creativity would be the most important characteristic of this project, here are a few ideas to help you brainstorm:

· Write your eulogy

· Interview a person in late adulthood

· Create a visual timeline spanning from adolescence to end of life

· Write a brief autobiography as if you are an older age

· Record a video for your younger self

Projects should be submitted on Blackboard by Sunday, April 24th at 11:59pm. Projects submitted after this due date will NOT be accepted. 

Grade Breakdown


Assignment   Requirements

Percentage   of Grade

Points   Awarded


Project addresses   all four bullet points from the project description




Project is   creative, unique, and original




Project   appropriately integrates course content and demonstrates understanding of   connections, similarities, and differences in development over the life span






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