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Respond to each of the questions below. Think of a


Respond to each of the questions below. 

  1. Think of a design change that you have witnessed or researched. Evaluate the pace and timing, scope and sequencing, communication, and feedback and learning in the initiative. What would you change about the transition?
  2. Choose one of the quadrants of the Competing Values Framework and describe an organization that you think matches the characteristics of that quadrant. Now choose any other quadrant. What do you think would be the challenges in transitioning an organization to that quadrant? What kinds of organization design changes would support that transition? What design changes would be resisted by members

Submission Instructions:

  • Your initial post should be 100-200 words per question, per question, formatted and cited in current APA style. 
  •  Please post your initial response by 9:00 PM ET Thursday 

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