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At the top of your assignment, include the honor pledge:


At the top of your assignment, include the honor pledge: I pledge on my honor that I have neither given nor received unauthorized assistance on this assignment.”

An actor’s method or process of acting is based on his particular training and theatre experiences. There are several “schools” of acting in America. By “schools,” I do not literally mean a building; rather, I mean an acting methodology. In this module, you will examine well-respected acting teachers: Uta Hagen, Holland Taylor, and Sanford Meisner. I have provided links to YouTube where you can find sessions of their acting classes. 

View both sessions for each of these three teachers.    Then, for each of them, list or identify two or more of their “words of wisdom” concerning acting.  These do not need to be word-for-word; just summarize the ideas you hear and see in these class sessions. Then explain why you chose those particular “words of wisdom.”


Uta Hagen – Acting Session 1


Uta Hagen – Acting Session 2

Holland Taylor – Session 3


Holland Taylor – Session 4


Sanford Meisner – Acting Session 5


Sanford Meisner – Acting Session 6

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