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identify a theory that most resonates with you. (BEHAVIORAL/COGNITIVE-BEHAVIORAL THERAPY)

identify a theory that most resonates with you. (BEHAVIORAL/COGNITIVE-BEHAVIORAL THERAPY)

Identifying a theoretical orientation will provide a framework/roadmap on how you provide services to your clients, how you view people, how you view therapy, how you view the client/therapist relationship and the therapeutic process. Even though several theories may be appealing to you, only select one for the sake of this assignment. Consider your own values, worldviews, and life philosophy when selecting your theoretical orientation. Be sure to include: 

a. A detailed description of the cognitive-behavioral theory chosen and how this theory fits you.  
b. Clearly explain how your theoretical orientation fits with you, your values and your
c. Clearly identify your role as the family counselor and expectations of your clients (I want to work with clients in corrections and clients with trauma).
d. Explain how the counseling process facilitates desired change in the family, the
identified client, couples, etc.
e. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the model that you selected?  

 Abstracts are not required. 

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