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In task 7-3, you will submit five to seven pages

In task 7-3, you will submit five to seven pages that represent a marketing plan for a trend or product (to present to a retailer for adoption). The marketing plan identifies, describes, evaluates, and analyzes the important points that must be addressed to bring a trend or product idea to market. This final paper should incorporate everything from Milestones One through Five, revised and streamlined into five to seven pages for the final marketing plan.

  •   Identify the trend or product: Does the trend or product idea fulfill a need within the local marketplace and the global marketplace as well? Describe the target customer: What makes the trend or product desirable to this target customer?
  •   Evaluate the competition: How will the trend or product win over clients and business from the competition?

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 Analyze challenges and draft solutions: What are the challenges of bringing the trend or product to market, and how can the trend or product overcome these challenges? Create and describe a marketing plan: What are the specific details of the marketing plan (branding, social media, traditional media), how will these details help make a trend or product appeal to a target customer, and what can be done to get a trend or product recognized?

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