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Information Systems for Business and Beyond Questions: Link for Chapter

Information Systems for Business and Beyond Questions: Link for Chapter 13 Content:
Chapter 13 questions, please answer these in a sentence or two in a separate lines for each answers:

  1. Which countries are the biggest users of the Internet? Social media? Mobile?
  2. Which country had the largest Internet growth (in %) in the last five years?
  3. How will most people connect to the Internet in the future?
  4. What are two different applications of wearable technologies?
  5. What are two different applications of collaborative technologies?
  6. What capabilities do printable technologies have?
  7. How will advances in wireless technologies and sensors make objects “findable”?
  8. What is enhanced situational awareness?
  9. What is a nanobot?
  10. What is a UAV?

    Please answer the following question in a paragraph ( 100 -150 words)
    If you were going to start a new technology business, which of the emerging trends do you think would be the biggest opportunity? Do some original research to estimate the market size.

Use the references Style: APA-7

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