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BG: As you know, Sustainability, Climate Change, and Resiliency are

BG: As you know, Sustainability, Climate Change, and Resiliency are development components to which we are deeply committed to making better.  As the real estate world continues to change and evolve, we are keen to understand the forefront of current thinking on how real estate intersects in the sustainability arena. We, of course, strive to be comprehensive in our efforts towards these ends – as such, we are considering sustainability in five different dimensions across the development process.   

My Assigned Question: What sustainably driven finance vehicles are available to enhance/reinforce our
sustainable mission.  How do we know an institution engages in sustainable practices with organizations
and institutions that do the same. Are there issues we need to understand or be aware of (e.g. extra costs, differences in terms)?   

I. Introduction of the assigned Sustainability Category and underlying aspects within Real Estate
II. Current Status of identified aspects
III . Review of at least four different expert opinions focused on the identified aspects
IV. Innovations and future projections of strategies to consider within the category
V. Strategic Recommendation for LiveSmarter 

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