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Use the documents attach to help you for background information

Use the documents attach to help you for background information  use this link for an example you dont need to record your voice

the four team members our :Susan, WIlliam,  Elizabeth  , Katlyn 

Ian and Doug were cut from the team

 Compose a PowerPoint presentation (10-12 slides), add speaker notes . Your  presentation should address the following:

  1. Who are the four  team members, and what was the primary reason each person was selected?  How difficult was it to come to a decision regarding team selection?  Which potential team member was most difficult to come to a consensus  about? Why?
  2. What are the primary strengths of the team? What are  its potential weaknesses? How positive is the management team about the  team’s potential? Justify your answers with evidence from ” Southwest  Transit Team Member Profiles.”
  3. What strategies will be most  effective for motivating the team, managing conflict, ensuring success,  and fostering collaboration? Cite specific motivational theories,  conflict-resolution strategies, and leadership strategies in your  answer.
  4. Justify how the selected team embodies the values of  conscious capitalism and how the tenet of stakeholder orientation played  a role in the team selection process. Provide citations to strengthen  your claims.
  5. Describe how value is created for each stakeholder, and in what ways will the team positively impact the business as a whole?

You  are required to use at least three academic references to strengthen  and support your claims and recommendations. Ensure each content slide  has supporting citations and specific examples.

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