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Please provide a 100 word minimum response to the below


Please provide a 100 word minimum response to the below classmate discussion post:

 The ethical decisions that I make today in my career and in the future will bring consequences to me for the rest of my life. Making the best and most professional decision-makings during my careers as a police officer is crucial and should always be in my mind when dealing with different situations presented to me on duty. I strongly believe that guarding the passion and desire that originally brought us to serve and protect the citizens of our communities is a key factor in maintaining the respect for the career. Once a person loses respect and moral values when performing the duties out on patrol, it creates a hostile and unhealthy environment not only for the officer but for the rest of the department as well. Keeping the integrity and accountability present when we engage and interact with the citizens is a very important element of a healthy community policing approach. All of our actions carry consequences that sooner or later will come to light. As previously mentioned in the past the noble cause corruption theory can easily transfer into our personal lives affecting not only us but entire family as well. Professionalism is the key to a successful career in police work.   

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