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please read all 4 article and used the persuasive outline.

please read all 4 article and used the persuasive outline.

persuasive title: nursing home need accessible on site health care services in order to have  better prevention plans.

  it does not need to very long 

Persuasive speech week 4 

Please use the above hyperlink to use this template to create your Persuasive Speech Outline. 

Use this website (link below) to build citations for your outline references. You can enter the information, then copy and paste the results to your outline’s References section.

For the first part of your assignment you will submit a complete sentence outline (NOT a topic outline or a written transcript!) You can review a sample outline on page 309 of your textbook. No other format will be accepted, so please use the examples listed to ensure your assignment is completed according to the requirements.

Remember that visual aids ARE REQUIRED this time. You will need to show them when presenting the speech, as well as list them in your outline (after Conclusion and before your References section).

This speech requires a minimum of 4 credible peer-reviewed academic sources that must be verbally cited in the speech, as well as included in the APA formatted References section of your outline. Keep in mind that a variety of sources will be worth a little more on your speech, so look in books, magazines, online library, brochures, interviews, videos, etc.

Submit your outline for Persuasive Speech here.

Please note that your submissions are checked through SafeAssign for compliance with academic integrity policies. Reports are available to you immediately upon submission. Please check your outlines for academic integrity – if your work shows any similarity issues, you are responsible for fixing these issues PRIOR to final submission. Outlines that are not accurately cited, or have too high of a similarity index will not be accepted for grading.

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