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students will be required to develop a proposal of guidelines

All work must be original.  You are not permitted to use work from another course. Remember that you must paraphrase and cite often. Your paper will be reviewed for originality (plagiarism) using Turnitin. If you plagiarize, you may be subject to disciplinary action by your instructor and/or the university.

The final paper must be submitted as an attachment in WORD. The final paper must be typed in a Times New Roman 12-point font. Margins will also need to be 1 inch on all sides, so if you’re using an older version of Word, you’ll need to manually adjust the margins. APA papers are double-spaced with no additional spaces between paragraphs or headings.

A minimum of five current, scholarly references are needed for the final paper. Sources can include academically based books, journals, and government reports. Sources used must have been published within the past 5-10 years of the current date. The more recent, the better.

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