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Find one library database published article or online article from

Find one library database published article or online article from within the current year. The topic should be on a topic that interest you from one of this week’s assigned chapters from textbook title; Robbins and Judge: Essentials of Organizational Behavior Edition: 14th, Ch 1: What is Organization Behavior? and Ch 12: Leadership or Northouse: Leadership: Theory and PracticeEdition: 9th, Ch 1: Introduction. I prefer that you use the library database because it is the most reliable source. While not as strong, Google Scholar and Google are also useful places to search for current articles. You should upload a PDF of the main initial posting article that you will be discussing.

You should write a “minimum” of 200 words per post and your contributions should extend the textbook. In other words, you should always have additional research beyond the textbook. Just citing the textbook in an initial posting or a response will elicit minimal points.

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