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Becoming a Changemaker

HR Strategy & Planning – Module 2

A quote from the Boston Consulting Group’s People & Organization website page summarizes Modules 1 and 2: “Human resources has long been evolving beyond its traditional—and outdated—role as a mere processor of administrative transactions. Today, HR is usually viewed as a strategic partner to the business. The intensity of competition and the pace of change demand that the HR function fulfill this mandate. HR leaders need a clear view of their current capabilities, a set of clear priorities linked to the business strategy, and a targeted approach to improve the most urgent problem areas.”

You are a college senior who has been selected to participate in a hybrid internship/onboarding program with an elite HR research and advisory firm. Your training consists of a combination of formal education—specifically, enrollment in this Human Resource Management course—and a rotation in support of the principals of the firm. 

In your first rotation, you will be reporting to the Strategic Planning principal consultant. She is developing an interactive game for client HR teams to play to develop their adaptability; specifically, to be able to envision and implement the changes required in the HR organization to capitalize on emerging trends and technologies.

Your assignment is to reframe one of the following trends (discussed in Human Resources Today (Links to an external site.)) as a business opportunity:

  • Changes in Workforce Composition
  • Increasing Workforce Diversity
  • Increased Employee Expectations of Employers
  • Changes in Societal Expectations
  • Infrastructural Obsolescence
  • Changes in the Nature of Work
  • Market and Industry 4.0
  • Changes in the Evaluation and Valuation of Talent
  • “A Reskilling Imperative”
  • Increasing Geopolitical Risks

Answer the following questions:

  1. List both the challenges and opportunities.
  2. How can an organization use this to their advantage?
  3. How would you express this as a Human Resource strategy?

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