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Clarify Your Values

Clarify Your Values

According to our authors, values are “enduring beliefs”.  Once we develop them, they’re unlikely to change.  These values serve as guides for the numerous decisions we make, both those we make very deliberately and even those we make subconsciously. 

Remember that there is no single “right” list; but rather a list that is an accurate reflection of you.  If you have your work from MGMT 1180 – Human Relations – you may want to refer to it as well.

Which values are important to you?



Take a moment to note which values are important to you, writing in additional values if you do not see them on the list.

  1. From your notes above, write down your top five values, ranked in order starting with the most important.  Provide a brief explanation about what lead you to these particular values.
  2. Take a moment to compare your values to the groups you’re in (e.g. family, friends, work, etc).  What do you perceive the values of that group to be?  Do they align well, or, not so well?
  3. How do your groups benefit from members who act in the ways that support the values?  Describe how a group can be affected when people don’t do what they say they will do.


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