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Geologic maps

 Open the link to Reading Geologic Maps at Part 1. Skim through the content of this webpage and then using the first material presented answer the following questions. You will be collecting data for your mapping project and you will do the exact same steps at the 2 other main field sites at Millard Canyon and Switzer picnic area. You might even put this information and sketches in your notebook – you can then just Camscan that section and turn it in for this assignment and you’ll have the information. Part 2. After reading through the guide start by reading the topographic base map of the Pasadena Geologic map. 1.What is the contour interval for this map? Find Lower Arroyo Park, in the Arroyo south of the Rose bowl on the map. 2.What is the approximate elevation of Lower Arroyo park? 3.How many feet of elevation would you change going from Lower Arroyo Park to Orange Grove Ave and would you be walking uphill or downhill? 4.From the Reading Maps Guide scroll down to the steps in creating a topographic profile. Do these steps and create a profile for the Lower Arroyo park, from Orange Grove to San Rafael approximately where Arbor street would intersect the Arroyo. Now for the Geology… The underlying rock type is color coded by age and type so there is a large color key on the map. Go to Lower Arroyo Park on the map and look up the type of rocks represented by the magenta color on the walls of the canyon. 5.What kind of rock is it? 6.Is that igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic ( )? 7.How old is that rock? Look south along the Arroyo until the walls of the Arroyo change color. 8.What kind of rock is it? 9.Is that igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic ( 10.How old is that rock? When 2 rock types come together we call that a contact. ( ) 11.What type of contact is this where the magenta meets the orange? 12.Name this type of fault if you can (

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