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Use a social determinant of health framework to explain the causes of

The objective of the term paper is to use a social determinant of health framework to explain the causes of injuries or death among young workers in Canada (based on an occupation of their choice). “Every day in Ontario, an average of nearly 20 young workers under age 25 sustain lost-time injuries or are killed on the job.” Young workers are particularly vulnerable to workplace injury or illness also in other provinces in Canada. The term paper is to be a maximum of 8 pages in length, 12 point font, double-spaced with 1 inch margins using APA reference and in text citation.The reference section will not be included in the total page count. Marking scheme: 1.Title Page: name, student number; course title; professor’s name; title assigned to paper 2.Introduction: Identification of occupational health risk–> Brief description of the health risk (of injury or death) and relevant background information (the prevalence and/ or distribution of this risk among young workers in Canada) (cite your references), Justification of choice of the occupational health risk, and explicitly demonstration of your understanding of the social determinants of health (cite your references) 3. Clarity and logical argument of your explanation: Clearly and to the point state the causes of injuries or death using a relevant sociological perspective (cite your references), Provide a critique of the sociological perspective you have used (cite your references) 4. Conclusion: Concluding statements that summarize the main issues of your findings, Suggestion to improve the work place environment

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