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Gender or Racial Dynamics in the American West

Watch any episode of AMC’s Hell on Wheels. You can access the show’s entire catalog through Netflix, rent it from any video rental store or access most of the catalog on AMC. After watching any episode write a clear and concise essay of no more than 600 words that examines the gender or racial dynamics in the American West. Make sure your paper covers both men and women. In the conclusion point out some of the tensions you see between the North and the South. To get full credit for this assignment you need to use specific scenes and character names to back up your ideas. A summary of the show will not be considered completing this assignment. DO NOT GOOGLE EPISODE LISTS AND WRITE A SUMMARY FROM THAT LIST. If you do this, you will not receive credit. You need to reference several characters name and at least one specific scene that illuminates your points. If you want to get full credit is to watch the show and write a stellar response to either race and gender in the show in which you describe several scenes in that episode that backs your ideas. If your paper is flagged because you googled this show and borrow any language from Wikipedia, AMC etc., to describe it or to use in your review you will not get credit. 

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