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Texting While stressed: Implications for Students Burnout, sleep and

Directions for the paper After you have located this article, you will write a 2 page paper summarizing (not plagiarizing!!!): 1.) Why the researchers are interested in this subject. 2.) What the researchers hypotheses are 3.) What methods were used to answer their question 4.) Their overall conclusions of the study. 5.) You are also asked to write one follow up question about this study that addresses an issue that you believe should have been covered in this study but that was absent. • You will need to follow APA formatting guidelines for this paper. APA formatting requires you have a specific organization to your paper, that your paper have a specific layout (i.e. page numbering, title page) and that you have a structure that is followed for references both in text and in a reference page attached to the end. You will be graded on how well you summarized the material in the article and the APA formatting style. Your paper MUST include the following sections. ♣ Abstract DO NOT INCLUDE AN ABSTRACT FOR YOUR PAPER. IT IS NOT NECESSARY. ♣ Introduction includes summary of why the authors did the study ♣ Methods summarize what methods they used ♣ Results PLEASE OMIT the results section in your paper. The results section is a report of the statistics that the authors used and is not relevant for this project. ♣ Discussion summary of overall conclusions of the study and your discussion question. ♣ Reference page for anything that you cited in the paper. Each section is labeled in the paper. 

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