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Digital Business

Assessment Information This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes: 1. Understand the principles of business practice on digital platforms. 2. Critically evaluate marketplace opportunities in order to develop digital business ideas. This assignment is an individual assignment. This assignment requires you to complete the following: Coursework 1: Select an existing business of your choice. You have been hired as the growth manager of your chosen business. You are tasked to establish and enhance its online presence. Create a proposal outlining the project plan for achieving this objective that includes (but not limited to): – business background, product being sold (what), the target audience (to whom it is sold), the online market channel: business website or third party platform like Amazon, Facebook, etc. (where is it sold), the process of selling it (how is it sold and delivered), the intended benefit to the customers (why is it sold and impact), is it a seasonal product (when is it sold) – competition analysis and SWOT analysis – an online visibility strategy to establish and enhance the digital presence – summary of an implementation plan within a specified timeframe along with projected benefits Glossary: business: a business selling online and offline, or online or offline only.

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