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ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY AND LIFE BY Christopher A. Kearney and Timothy J.

Student must complete a presentation assignment, which will consist of conducting a movie review based on information you have learnt in the course. Students will be assigned to the movie BLACK SWAN. Plese keep in mind that the txt book ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY AND LIFE BY Christopher A. Kearney and Timothy J. Trull will be an extremely helpful resource for this task. In the review the following information should be included:

1)The psychological disorder depicted in the movie? 2)The classic symptoms of that disorder and specific examples of this throughtout the course of the movie. 3) How did the character (s) deal with the illness? 4)What impact did supporting characters have on the main character suffering from a mental illness? 5) Was their psychological illne resolved ? How? 7)How is the psychiatric disorder view by others in our society? 8)Is there any stigma of discrimination related to this disorder in our present society? 9)What message dis the movie provide? 10) Whate are your overal thoughts on the movie? 11)Provide any additional information you deem relevant and important to the movie review.

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